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About Me

I am a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist with over 9 years' experience working with individuals and groups. I have worked in the NHS and in private practice with patients and clients coming from many different backgrounds and presenting a variety of problems, helping people in a professional, non-judgmental and confidential way.

Some of the problems I have helped patients and clients with include:

Abuse; Anxiety; Anger; Bereavement; Bipolar Affective Disorder; Depression; Dissociation; Eating Disorders; Family and Life Crisis; Fear; Flatness of Emotions; Low Self-Esteem; Mood Swings; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD); Panic Attacks; Phobias; Psychosexual Difficulties; Psychosomatic Symptoms; Relationship Difficulties; Violence and Abuse; Stress; Trauma and Traumatic Events; Work Related Issues.

I also offer psychotherapy in Portuguese and Spanish.

I am an accredited member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), registered member of the UKRCP (United Kindgom Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) and a graduate member of the BPS (British Psychological Society).

My Qualifications

  1. -MA in Psychoanalytic Studies (2010 - Tavistock / UEL)

  2. -MA in Clinical Psychology and Psychosomatics (2006 - UniFil)

  3. -BA in Clinical Psychology / Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (2006 - UniFil)

  4. -BA in Theology (2005 - South American Theological School)

What happens in Psychotherapy?

When you first contact me (either by email or phone) you will have the opportunity to tell me a bit about what it is you want help with. If you wish we could then arrange an initial face-to-face consultation.

The first 2 or 3 sessions are for us to explore in detail what has led you to seek therapy, and to think of ways in which psychoanalytic psychotherapy may be able to help you. This initial consultation stage happens over more than one session so we have enough time to think about your problem, what it may be related to and if psychotherapy is the best option to help you.

I appreciate that initial meetings can be anxiety provoking, and this is another reason why we take our time in the consultation stage. But if we both agree that we can work together and that psychoanalytic psychotherapy is the way forward, you will then be asked to come at least once-a-week for a 50 minutes session, and the meetings will happen in the same place and same time every week.

In Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy we will work together to explore and understand your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and anxieties, trying to uncover whatever may still be unconscious in what is affecting your life. You will be encouraged to speak freely about anything that comes to your mind. I will help you to look into what you may be unaware of at the time.

In the sessions we will also look into how you feel about yourself and how you relate to others, looking into possible patterns that may be affecting in your life.

Psychotherapy is a rewarding process which can help you become more self-aware so you can feel more in control of your emotions and make better sense of your relationships and your feelings. There is a meaning underneath every suffering and symptom, and psychotherapy will help you develop, re-organise yourself and move on in many aspects of your life.

How Much?

I charge £80 per session (50 minutes).


I see patients in a comfortable and secluded consulting room in Central London (EC1). My address is:

55 St John Street



How to contact me?

  1. -Phone: 020 7993 8503

  2. -Mobile: 07964 923971

  3. -E-mail:

  4. -Website:

Contact Allan Gois:

55 St John Street






020 7993 8503

07964 923971

Allan Gois

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