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The Community Psychotherapy Network

15/b Old Ford Road

Bethnal Green, London

E2 9PL



07963 365730

What I offer

I offer individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy and group psychotherapy (see information section).

I am an experienced UKCP registered Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist with over 15 years of working with people in NHS, voluntary sectors and secure settings. I have many years' experience of working with people suffering from many different problems.

You might need help with depression, anxiety, childhood abuse, bereavement, drug and alcohol abuse. You could feel stuck in your work, or find that you keep getting into negative relationships, or have other long-term troubling issues.  You might have tried a different therapy in the past and found it useful but feel that you need to look more deeply at what is wrong.

I will offer you an initial meeting to see what help you need and how we could work together.  After this we will meet weekly for 50 minutes.  Usually the therapy will last for over a year but, in some cases, it might be for a shorter, fixed period of time.


I have an Msc. in Group Analysis (Birkbeck), an MA. in Dramatherapy (Herts.), a PG Diploma in Counselling (Birkbeck) and a BA. (Hons) from York.

How much?

I charge £65 for each session of individual psychotherapy, and £60 for group psychotherapy.

About Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is the talking therapy with the longest tradition of helping people.  It looks at the whole life of the person and is particularly good at making sense of difficult patterns of behaviour.  An important part of the treatment is the consistency of meeting with your psychotherapist every week at the same time to think about what is going on with you.

About Group Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy which is very effective for relationship difficulties:

- if you isolate yourself from others

- feel overwhelmed by others

- feel that you help others while not getting help yourself

- find it difficult to cope with tensions and conflicts with others

- feel afraid of getting close to people

- find that you are repeating unhelpful patterns in relationships

While many you can feel intimidated at the idea of group psychotherapy, in practice, feeling part of a group can be the most valuable part of therapy. You can feel:

- supported by the group

- find that others have experienced similar issues to you, even experiences that you might feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about

- see yourself from different points of view

- get different ways of dealing with your issues

- feel empowered by helping others while in the group but without having to take on responsibility for group members outside the group

An important point is that one of the conditions of being in the group is that group members do not have contact outside the group. This helps you speak openly about whatever you need to. It also enables you to focus on you, and prevents you from taking on responsibility for the other group members.

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